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We deliver a product that is right for your business. An innovative technology solution that will meet your needs at the end of day.


We work in partnership with our clients and we do believe in listening to our clients’ needs and designing a solution that works for them.


We are passionate about the people at Conet-Tech, and this is why it is such an exciting and rewarding organization inspired by new tech.

IT Outsourcing to Conet-Tech

We are dedicated on providing complex solutions where the organization does not have the capacity and deliver outsourcing services that allow clients to achieve wins and long-term results.

Our Services

High quality of service is a key of Conet-Tech’s core value. We strive to provide timely and better accurate customized solution by approaching each engagement as an opportunity to ensure an enjoyable experience .

Our goal

Conet-Tech will help you reduce overall operating costs and increase the Return-on-Investment by delivering a stable, innovative and secure solution..

We build Custom Applications. You can find out more about what we do. Go to Our Services.

Why Should You Choose Us

  • We works professionally with Creativity, We are Focussed and Technology Oriented.
  • We are software development company who delivers cutting-edge solutions
  • We are highly flexible, qualified and experienced management and development team
  • We offer competitive pricing for a high quality solution
  • In contrast to an hourly bid, we work with a fixed bid pricing per project scope

We Are

A Custom Software Developer & Systems and specializes by integrating together component subsystems from various technologies into a whole system. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

We build software applications in North America

Some Clients We Work With

  • We are really excited to be launching this customized secured web services for our procurement systems, and we could not have done it without Conet-Tech’s valuable knowledge, expertise, care, and professionalism.

    They developed a secured Web Services/XML API process with a Sandbox where customers can test each of the available XML and SOAP transactions (Price and Stock Availability – PNA, Order/Quote Creation, Order History Inquiry, and Order Details for a customer’s order, Product Specifications, Order Invoices Inquiry, and Tracking Number for a customer’s order.

    Many thankts to Conet-Tech!

    Dorina Dreve, Supercom Canada
  • Conet-Tech Inc has been a driving force at SuperCom Canada.

    Conet-Tech helped us to redesign and rebuild a new online order e-business application and reduced operating cost (orders via phone calls, faxes, e-mails), and the cost of customer’s application integration; increased monthly sales by implementing an XML facility that allowed Supercom’s customers to purchase products from their own applications (e-procurement system that checks stock availability from multiple warehouse inventories, and places a real time order).

    Thank you fro your great service!!!

    Dorina Dreve, Supercom Canada
  • Conet-Tech was commissioned by LoyaltyOne to enhance the e-Commerce site and Self-Serve capabilities in order to improve the online experience utilizing strategic messaging and increased self-serve capabilities for Collectors.

    They Improved productivity by parsing in as much as possible useable requested data from a Sabre Vacations/Cruise/Flight PNR into Turbo.

    Thanks for your professional services!

    Linda Heather, LoyaltyOne Manager
  • The Conet-Tech's bid was very competitive comparing to other companies.

    Conet-Tech consultants were professional and they paid attention to details. We also have found that Conet-Tech responded quickly to any of our change requests.

    Their consultants worked sometimes late into the night in order to deliver the project on time, and they continued to support our tools as many times as necessary until we were satisfied.

    John Knapper, Environment Canada
  • Conet-Tech’s worked with us in joint application development environment with cost-effective resources to remediate and reduce the security vulnerabilities based on AppScan tool report of 82 VECMA and MRA US and Canadian retirement applications.

    Common application security issues resolved include Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Cross Site Request Forgery, Insecure Cryptographic Storage, Missing Secure Attribute in Encrypted Session (SSL) Cookie, etc… Coordinated the development, code review, QA testing and deployments.

    It was great to work with a forward-thinking company that delivers on their promises.

    Paul K., Mercer Partner
  • We hired Conet-Tech because of their competitive bid and they helped enhance a 3-tier .Net web-based Applications EZQuote (online tool designed for brokers to get quote instantly), EZEndorse (online tool designed for brokers to submit and track mid-term endorsements such as driver eligibility, accidents report, coverage changes, etc…) and EZCert (online tool designed for policyholders).

    It was a great experience working with their experienced team.
    Not only they customized these tools for us but our staff got the opportunity to work with experienced Conet-Tech consultants and get a valuable insight on best practices for using EZEndorse, EZQuote and EZCert for our brokers.

    Brian Brault, Markel
  • The secured web based CRM application and public web site you built for us is great.

    You customized a consultation CRM application and built a custom Workflow process added into CRM to active the Web Application responsible for pushing consultation data to the government of Canada public website.

    We are now able to provide much better customer service to our public. No matter who picks up the phone, we can quickly locate all consultation history and speak to the public intelligently. We've saved so much time with this application.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you to the consultant from Conet-Tech!

    John Knapper, Environment Canada
  • Gabriel and his team have been extremely responsive to our programming needs.

    The work is done promptly, and efficiently - and his custom management applications have been an invaluable asset for our client's web sites.

    It's great to work with a forward-thinking company that delivers on their promises.

    Paul K., Mercer Partner
KPMG Canada
University of Ottawa
Insurance Systems Inc
Mercer Canada
Loyalty One
Bank of Nova Scotia
Markel Insurance
Bell Canada
Nielsen Canada
Bank of Montreal
Supercom Canada
Air miles
JP Morgan
Government of Canada
Descartes Systems Group


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