Conet-Tech Methodology

Agile Overview

Conet-Tech adopts the agile approach to thrive against changes comparing to the traditional project management. This agile approach empowers us to increase speed-to-market, render frequent releases or early delivery to client, ensure continuous improvement and help teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and be flexible to respond to any change request.

Additional support:We also provide a comprehensive warranty period for our systems until they are stabilized in your production environment, and we'll support your production system whenever you require it during business hours only.

Agile Methodology

Our 5 steps to your success:
1. Client Manager and Business Requirements
• Discover your business process and learn your new business requirements
• With a design committee, provide an initial estimate
• Advise on project feasibility and usability

2. System Analyst and Business Analyst
• Analyse your environment in order to understand your business and technical constraints
• Create Business Specifications
• Evaluate your existing network, hardware
• Propose the choice of technology, the architecture and the data model
• Create the User Cases and the prototype
• Review the user interface structure and the layout

3. System Development and Unit testing
• Proceed with Detailed Design and provide final estimation to the client
• Develop modules quickly and fix bugs where required
• Identify potential gaps at each step and make early adjustments as required
• Operate Unit Testing for each module
• Deliver completed modules and review with the client

4. Quality Management
• Integration / Regression Testing • Load, Stress and Performance Testing • Resolve identified issues to improve overall quality of final system • Confirm system functionality and usability with business users and make required adjustments • Continuously Verify Software Quality

5. Release Management
• Prepare for project deployment
• Conduct User Acceptance Testing
• Maintain User Acceptance Test environment as close to production as possible
• Prepare Installation document and user guide
• Provide training and user support
• Release the system
• Monitor live system to address any remaining issues

We Are

A Custom Software Developer & Systems and specializes by integrating together component subsystems from various technologies into a whole system. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

We build software applications in North America

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