Conet-Tech Solution and Projects

Conet-Tech Solution and Projects


Conet-Tech is specialized in the areas of Customized Integrated Systems, Customized Desktop and Mobile Applications, and Customized Software Development.

Conet-Tech delivers IOS, Android, Microsoft-based solutions as well Linux applications. Our primary mission is to maximize your investment in these technologies by effectively developing, deploying and supporting applications that interconnect people, processes and information.

Our suite of unique customized products will enable your unique business to maximize his operational efficiencies, lower his costs, and improve the delivery of his critical services. Our effective solution will complement existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision.

Some Projects

Conet-Tech offers superior effective solutions in the following wide variety of projects:

Resources Management: Conet-Tech delivers a range of Resource Management products and services that enable your business to simplify the complexity of payroll, scheduling, time and human resource administration

Finance Management: banking operations, internet banking, accounting, cash management, overdraft systems, asset management, reconciliation tools etc

Investment/Capital Market: Trading systems for different types of instruments, Risk management tools, Fixed Income, Equity and Derivatives systems, Reconciliation tools, etc

Insurance: Policy and Claim management

Logistics: Tender management between Carriers and Shippers, Tracking systems, B2B trading

Retailers: e-Order, online store

Integrated e-business: Enterprise Application Integration, Trading Partner Integration and Business Activity Monitoring, Collaboration tools

Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems: critical business information analysis based on SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server technology SSRS/SSAS and Business Scorecard Manager

Each project is unique in its requirements or specifications and our approach subsequently differs.

We Are

A Custom Software Developer & Systems and specializes by integrating together component subsystems from various technologies into a whole system. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

We build software applications in North America

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