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Conet-Tech strives to be recognized by our clients as their partner and expert of choice.

Building and managing a good relationship with our partners for the benefit of our clients is one of Conet-Tech’s top priorities.

Through partnerships with a leading technology provider, Conet-Tech extends the functionality of its products, services and technologies to deliver complete, end-to-end solutions to customers

What to do:

With Conet-Tech Business Partner Program, we ensure you to get the support you need to maximize your investment in our products and your marketing efforts.

As a Conet-Tech Reselling Business or Marketing or Solution Provider Partner, you’ll enjoy unparalleled access to our sales, marketing and technical support departments. We will help you to make your partnership extremely profitable and trouble free.

Apply now to become a Business Partner by sending a request by email at One of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

We Are

A Custom Software Developer & Systems and specializes by integrating together component subsystems from various technologies into a whole system. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

We build software applications in North America

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