Technical Services

Technical Services

Our clients are received by special Technical Support who had a hand in creating the software in question. We follow these practices not out of convenience for us and our profit margin, but out of service to our clients.

Because our clients get support from developers with hands-on experience, they receive the most accurate information possible. And because they're speaking with somebody with the authority to work directly with the software or the server, often times our clients have their issue, even a small programming issue, resolved while they wait.

If you need support or assistance send an email to:

Training Services

We offer quality corporate training in various IT courses. We are into corporate training for the last 20 years and exposure. Training can be provided on site or off site.

Once the software is completed, we offer support and training. We can send people over to train your staff on the new software and provide you with written documentation.

Training Programs:

If you need support or assistance send an email to:

We Are

A Custom Software Developer & Systems and specializes by integrating together component subsystems from various technologies into a whole system. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

We build software applications in North America

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